Related Ministries


“Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality”. Romans 12:13

An integral component of the ministry here at Calvary Chapel Kearny is hospitality. It is our desire that through various means we reach others with God’s love, not only those within the church but also the community. Our services to others include preparing and delivering meals, assistance with household tasks.  In relation to church activities, we can assist in the preparation of the sanctuary, and/or Fellowship Hall for weddings, women’s events, guest speakers. For more information, please contact Carmen Solis at


As an integral part of Vessels of Honor, W2W seeks to be of assistance to the church body by providing meals to convalescing women, and their families, encourage those in hospitals; and assist in other areas according to the family’s needs.  If interested in assisting, please contact Carmen Solis at


While attending Calvary Chapel of Old Bridge, Carmen Solis had the pleasure of visiting the mission field with the mission’s pastor, her husband Luis.  The exposure to various countries, and the varying circumstances of each location, created a desire to come alongside women serving the Lord’s abroad.  Epaphroditus serves as a network that offers spiritual support in prayer, with encouraging emails, and communication via telephone and Skype.  Another way of supporting these precious ladies is with care packages.  In the past we have mailed books, personal items, and even hard to find ‘American’ food items.   We are blessed to be used by the Lord to shoulder His godly women in the mission field. For more information, please contact Carmen Solis at