Missions’ Prayer

Please pray for our missionaries in the following areas:


The missionary knows that life will be a battle, for s/he will be invading enemy territory, where Satan has held uncontested sway for years. Satan has darkened people’s minds so that the truth of God’s word cannot penetrate The fight will be fierce; the enemy’s counter-attackes will be cunning and accurately targeted. It will be an intense spiritual battle (Eph. 6:10-12). Intercessory missionaries are prayer partners and should see themselves as part of the missionary’s team (2 Cor. 10:4)

Pray that souls will be released form Satan’s bondage and will put their trust in Christ.


The missionary can be discouraged or frustrated by:

Language Learning: Learning a new language can be a lengthy and exhausting climb. It sometimes takes years before a new missionary can comfortably communicate the gospel.

Customs & Culture:  these are often strangely different from back home. But missionaries are guests in these countries and must be careful not to offend those they have come to reach with the Gospel.

Unfamiliar Food:  there can be delicious or unpalatable. Missionaries must subordinate their own tastes and be prepared to eat what is offered, if friendly relationships are to be established.

Climate: those who come from temperate zones often have problems adjusting to the tropics: enervating heat coupled with high humidity, typhoons and rainy season’s deluges.

Lack of Privacy: many people in other countries live mush of their lives in public and expect the missionary to do the same. They must work out a balance.

 Lack of Visible Results: when the missionary is expecting visible and fast fruit, can intensify discouragement unless s/he keeps his/her eyes on Jesus.

Pray for the missionary to be graciously flexible and able in very practical ways (Phil. 4:6)


It happens to both singles and married missionaries. In a cross-cultural setting, surrounded by people with unfamiliar culture and language, and perhaps with no one showing interest in his message, the missionary can feel very isolated and alone. S/he longs for a friend, a companion to share things with. S/he can find that friend in Christ, who said, “I will never leave you not forsake you,” but he is sometimes slow in claiming that promise

Pray that the missionary will experience closeness with God in new and satisfying ways.


Being filled with the Spirit ensures victorious living, spiritual freshness and fruitfulness in the ministry. The Spirit’s gracious fruit must grow in our lives through daily communion with Him, or else our work will accomplish nothing.

Pray that the missionary will be filled with the Spirit… and therefore, walk in the Spirit (Eph 5:18, Gal 5:16-25)


Children can be of the greatest blessing and help, or may pose a problem depending on their personalities and the training they receive. Decisions made because of children have a far-reaching effect on workers’ lives and service.

Pray for the health of missionary children. Pray that both parents will be godly role models to help their children develop a godly self-image.


Good relationships with the family, local leaders and with the members of the team are necessary if God’s work is to advance. God’s love in each heart will express itself in a humble attitude, a forgiving spirit and a mutual appreciation of each member’s person, ideas and methods of doing things.

Pray that the missionary will be surrendered to God and sensitive to the prompting of the Spirit.


Poor health could affect a missionary’s service or even disqualify him/her for srvice. Sufficient rest, times and relaxation and exercise are important for good health. He must also guard his/her mind. The enemy’s attacks on his/her mental health could lead to emotional distress and drain his/her spiritual and physical vitality.

Pray that God will keep the missionary’s health in the condition that will best glorify Him. 


The missionary needs to be able to see and understand the heart-needs of people, and of situations, and have wisdom to know how to meet those needs.

Pray that the missionary will have sympathy and insight tuned to the heart-needs of those around him/her.


It is not long before the cross-cultural stress reveals to the missionaries the fact that they are sinful. They then recognize afresh how human they are! Here are a few of the insights the Lord brings to their attention:

Pride: in his/her race, his/her country, his/her training, and his/her way of doing things may be quite unintentional but can be apparent to nationals.

Prejudice: “My” way and the way “I” have been taught is viewed as the only right way.

Selfishness: can block his consideration for others and for their points of view.

Lack of the self-discipline: it is so easy to waste precious time, our own and others’ while on the mission field. The missionary may also find that his/her goals aren’t measurable so his/her programs aren’t accomplished.

Pray that the missionary will learn to submit his/her own desires and inclinations to God.


With millions dying without knowing Christ, plus the population exploding and doors to the Gospel closing, there must be more workers to gather in the harvest and disciple those who are coming to Christ.

Pray that many more in your country will make Jesus’ last command their first concern (Mat. 28:18)